youtube playlist jQuery, html5 and php Gdata Api v2

Example html5 with the searchbox enabled

  • Sorry, no video's found

Example userlist (channel) version

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Example playlist version

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Player options jQuery

The player acts on a simple unordered list containing links to YouTube videos which are created by a little php script

holderId - (ytvideo)
The ID of the element (usually a div) into which the YouTube video will be inserted

html5 - (true)
Uses the experimental iframe player version from youtube for html5 support

NOTE: Only works in Chrome and IE9 beta with flash fallback for all other browsers. Also most of the parameters like colors doesn't work yet. Youtube is working on this new embed method.
Use the html 5 option at your own risk.
More info here

autoHide - (true)
Hide, Unhide the player bar (true or false)

playOnLoad - (false)
Auto play by onload page (true or false)

playfirst - (0)
Select the video to start with. 0 is the first, 1 the second ect.

playerHeight - (385)
The height of the embdedded youtube video

playerWidth - (640)
The width of the embdedded youtube video

showRelated - (true)
Set to false to stop related videos being shown at the end of the embedded video

showInfo - (true)
Set to false to stop the title being shown in the video

wmode - (true)
Set to false if you don't want wmode=opaque (html5 only)

playerversion - (version=2)
Set to version=3 for the new flash youtube player

playerColor - (ffffff)
The color of the player (works only with version 2)

hd - (false)
Set to true to play the HD version if available

modestbranding - (true)
Set to false to show the youtube logo on the playerbar

controls - (true)
Set to false to remove the player bar (only player 3 and html5)

Theme color option - &theme=dark&color=red (default)
Since august 10 2011 a new player is introduced by youtube. There will be four themes availible.

(Note: Using the desaturated color disables the modestbranding option.)

Custom title at startup - Set customtitle: '&title=Option for custom title' to change the title at page startup (only player version 3)

allowFullScreen - (true)
Add the full screen button (doesn't work with the html5 version)

Player options php

Choose which feed you want
keywords, playlist or userchannel

Easy remove the search option

can be relevance (default), published, viewCount, rating or none

Set to none if you want to get realtime video's from a username (channel) !

Extra sort playlist
Set title to ordered alphabetically by title or commentCount (Entries are ordered by number of comments from most comments to least comments)

Set language filter
for example en (english)

Set time parameter to restrict the search to videos uploaded within the specified time
for example 1 day or 1 month

Set restriction filter
The restriction parameter identifies the IP address that should be used to filter videos that can only be played in specific countries. It is recommend that you always use this parameter to specify the end user's IP address. (By default, the API filters out videos that cannot be played in the country from which you send API requests. This restriction is based on your client application's IP address.). Or don't use to get all video's.

parameter none , moderate, strict

The caption parameter enables you to restrict a search to videos that have or do not have caption tracks. true or false (within single quotes) or don't use.

Cache the xml feed(true or false)

Empty cached xml
for example after one hour 3600, one day 86400 or one week 604800 (in seconds)

Set length title and description text
Standard is 75 and 300 characters

Set 3d
Search only for 3d movies (works only in search mode). true (within single quotes)

Search only for HD movies (works only in search mode). true (within single quotes)

NEW Set license
Search only for movies with or cc or youtube license(works only in search mode)

NEW Set duration
To find videos less than 4 minutes long, use duration=short. To find videos that are between 4 and 20 minutes long (inclusive), use duration=medium. Only videos that are longer than 20 minutes will be returning when requesting duration=long(works only in search mode)


Object-oriented programming

Everything is well documentated in this script so you can easy change things for your own needs

Optimized SEO

Easy integration in your website

Works in all major browsers


maximum 50 movies (youtube restriction)


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