Choose a skin: Note: The page will be refreshed when switching themes because the form
fields need to be rebuilt to compensate for padding differences between
the two themes. The page will not be refreshed when choosing a color.

A basic drop-down menu with a list of countries

Cascading select menus (rebuilding a menu on change)

Running an action when a menu is opened (e.g., resizing)

Select-multiple menus Multiple options can be chosen by clicking with the shift key, or with the CTRL key (command on a Mac).

Checkbox groups

Another group, with some checked

Group handlers can be placed anywhere

Radio buttons

Basic input fields This demo is set up to accept either no value, or the required match as described by the in-field labels.

Default text and an in-field label

File uploads For purposes of this demo, the maximum number of files that can be uploaded per form submission is 5. Also, on browser that support it, this is limited to JPEG or PNG files, up to 2 Mb in size.