Videoproduktion ? Imagefilm und Videoproduktion für Oldenburg, Bremen, Ammerland, Ostfriesland und ganz Niedersachsen, das sind die Leistungen die wir bieten.Genau, hier geht es um den von Ihnen gesuchten Begriff, bzw. die von Ihnen gesuchten Begriffe

"Sympathy-Expert" A corporate video for a business consultant


"Vintage Gutar Show Oldenburg 2011" One of the biggest vintage guitar exhibition of Germany


"Perceive instead of cram" A new form of training video


Mit einem eigenen Event-Video machen Sie neugierig auf künftige Veranstaltungen


Innercity car show


Corporate video for a image consultant

Film & video Oldenburg and surroundings

Feature films are produced in Berlin or Munich. In Cologne they are specialized in producing series and quiz programmes.

We realize modern video production for companies, institutions, artists and peoles for emotional or social online use. Naturally, we willingly work everywhere, all over Germany or european enviroment. Where we are working all days? From Oldenburg to Emden and Leer, from Wilhelmshaven to Osnabrück. Means in Lower Saxony, Hamburg and Bremen.

In the age of internet it is essential for our videos to transport emotions reliable and authentic.
Videos in the web are not inescapable like they are in a building centre. That is why they have to be juicy and authentic. This is exactly what we produce for you.
A modern and living videoclip, that brings you and your accomplishment together with customers and interested parties.

And if you wish e-commerce is included immediatly. Of course fixed prices are possible.

Production of moving image communication

Moving image communication that comes comprehensively up to modern demands of marketing

GERUWEB's Video production gives you advantages for:

  • Convincing presentation of brand and corporate design to the outside World
    Image movie, sympathy-video, company-videos, ad-videos
  • Success in trade fair & other events
    Event-Video, event-video, videos for presentation

Video in the Internet

Modern people like modern videos. The time when image-movies were full of digital effects are definitely over.
Today, customers expect an authentic presentation even from small and middle-class companies. In the Net visitors can switch in seconds to another page. That is why a video have to arouse interest already at the first second.

Authentic videos

The most important aspect for videos in the NET is credibility.
Online visitors immediatly notice if there is created an unserious faked image or if that image is true and authentic.
Here, quality is very important besause customers love to be shepherd.

Video production for the Internet

Did you know that web videos like image movies or product videos increase the duration a visitor stays on your homepage by 300% ?
Also for search engines like google a video is a very good way to improve your web ranking and to create a strong emotional connection between visitors and your brand und your products. Others don't even know how to do this. That makes us special. And, in the price for our image movies and video pruduction the placement and propagation on video sharing websites (VSEO) is already included.

Get an free offer for your dream video now!

For sure, we produce in HD-quality. On the camera is someone who did an education in a TV and Video studio and also did already work as a camera
assistent at a TV-Station in Hannover. Such an experience is quit rare.

GERUWeb gives a warranty for quality.

And if you have a higher budget we have the option to book ultra Teams from Berlin or Cologne.

Imagefilm Videoproduktion Oldenburg

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